My plan is that my research and actions at Metal will generate a fictional scenario about a covert eco-poetic society and their infecting and infiltrating poetic actions. The scenario will entangle factual and fictional aspects about poetic activities that are subtly spreading and infecting the political and social system to transform it towards a sustainable future.

I am looking at already existing grass-root, localised initiatives. In these places there are individuals that are driven by hope and humane, considerate attitudes and are continuously transforming peoples lives and environments outside of governmental policies. I am specifically interested in all iterations of anarchistic stances/ideologies and visionary thinkers that are centred around living environments and public spaces.

The first initial week at the end of March was super intensive, informative and inspiring. I have been introduced to loads of people and initiatives, many of whom I am looking forward to working and collaborating with. I took part in the Transition Town meet up, Liverpool Artists Network meet up, Liverpool Sustainability Network and I have seen the amazing Squash Nutrition Community Garden; the individuals behind these projects have forward-looking positive visions to transform the public realm.

I obtained seeds from the Squash Nustrition seeds garden and the seedlings are being tended to with affection, attention and sensitivity. I intend to plant some of them at the Metal Edge Hill Garden.

I visited the permaculture allotment at the Merseyside Allotments in Otterpool. The allotment was set up as a community initiative around 20years ago and it’s design is based on principles and ethics of permaculture. It is a very special place, a beautiful habitat, 4 plots joined together and turned into forest garden for alternatives communities to come, work, share and plot together.

It’s apparent that the alternative, covert society is evidently engaged and active!