Connect/Exchange 2014

'Family Tree', HD Video, 2012 commissioned by The Armitt  Museum and Library in Ambleside, Cumbria

About Connect/Exchange 2014

Connect/Exchange 2014 was a pilot project devised byNorthern Film & Media in collaboration with The NewBridge ProjectStillsMetal Liverpool and A3 Project Space Birmingham

2014 Artists included Leah Miller, Toby Phips Lloyd, Tom Walker, Aideen Doran, Chris Paul Daniels, Mat Fleming and Denis Isou (Mark Bleakley & Josh Wilson)

Image: Still from Family Tree (2012) by Chris Paul Daniels courtesy of the artist 

Chris Paul Daniels, Unravel workshop

Chris Paul Daniels at The NewBridge Project

Chris’ aim throughout the residency was to begin research for ‘Sub-Titled’, a new project investigating notions of ‘Northern’ identity and all the impracticalities and problems that this terminology incurs, with the support of The NewBridge Project.

Image: Unravel Workshop by Chris Paul Daniels

Aideen Doran (image 4)

Aideen Doran at Stills

Aideen’s aim through the residency was to use footage gathered from a recent residency in Dhaka, Bangladesh to develop her ongoing research into the subtle shifts between production and non-production in the information economy and the rhythms of labour it produces.

Image: Aideen Doran courtesy of the artist

Tom Walker at Stills

Tom’s aim throughout the residency was to focus on documentary film making as a means of depicting differing modes of organisation and performance at work within given sub-cultures.

Image: Punk is Dead (2009) by Thomas Walker courtesy of the artist

Toby Phips Lloyd, Wet Your Whistle event poster

Toby Phips Lloyd at Stills

Toby’s aim throughout the residency was to undertake research for a new Film Noir project currently [at the time] titled, Is Toby Lloyd a Zombie? The work involved Lloyd playing a detective investigating an artist called Toby Lloyd, who is suspected of attempting a take control of other people via astral projection.

Image: Wet your Whistle event poster by Toby Lloyd Phips courtesy of the artist

Leah Millar, building film 2014

Leah Millar at Stills

Leah’s aim throughout the residency was to frame and create animated footage of tower blocks using analogue ‘home made’ cameraless film techniques, in combination with sound recordings she had been making with residents of social housing schemes.

Image: Building Film (2014) by Leah Millar courtesy of the artist

Denis Isou, 'A Crack in the Window' screenshot, HD Video (image 2)

Denis Isou (Mark Bleakley & Josh Wilson) at A3 Project Space

They used their time with Birmingham’s A3 Project Space and the School of Art working with a sound artist and an actor, developing their recent work A Crack in the Window, into an informal, table top performance. This was followed by a publication launch on their return to Newcastle.

Image: A Crack in the Window by Denis Isou (Mark Bleakley & Josh Wilson) courtesy of the artist

Mat Fleming, Strip From Peacock Lee, 2010, Lighting Gels recycled perforations

Mat Fleming at Metal

Mat’s aim throughout the residency was to work with Metal to respond to several bin-bags full of 35mm cinema adverts he retrieved from a local North East cinema.

Image: Strip from Peacock Lee (2010) by Mat Fleming courtesy of the artist