‘In all of my works I play with the idea that artistic practice is an inherent subversion of material production and productive labour. Through re-use and appropriation of texts and materials, disconnecting images and video from their productive purposes, and increasingly through the use of digital media, I aim to generate new and speculative narratives for my materials. All of these works share a sense of the contingent nature of information; how it is always subject to the influence of chance operations and natural processes of decay and destruction.’

Aideen’s aim through the residency was to use footage gathered from a recent residency in Dhaka, Bangladesh to develop her ongoing research into the subtle shifts between production and non-production in the information economy and the rhythms of labour it produces. This grew into a much longer and more complex work, a 12 minute long digital animation drawing on the character of Oblomov from the Russian novel of the same name. This was made possible through the continued access to the software and the computing power in the Digital Lab at Stills.


Image: Aideen Doran courtesy of the artist