‘After a brief hiatus while pursuing studies and work in the healthcare sector, I rediscovered my love for cinema and the social engagement around it, finding a home for myself at the Star and Shadow Cinema.  I am a director of the cinema, and am active in the programming of films and events, the projection of film in various formats and the engagement of community both locally and internationally. I co-manage a film lab as part of the Film Bee collective, from which we make films together, deliver workshops and collect and restore equipment.’

Leah’s aim throughout the residency was to frame and create animated footage of tower blocks using analogue ‘home made’ cameraless film techniques, in combination with sound recordings she had been making with residents of social housing schemes. As her project’s roots are in the darkroom, it necessitated the injection of digital media and resources which were at her disposal at Stills. This residency afforded a concentrated amount of time to spend on the digital development necessary to reach the wet work phase of the project.

Image: Building Film (2014) by Leah Millar courtesy of the artist