‘I’ve been involved in the making and screening of films for 15 years, mostly while living and working in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I have a particular love for cinema as a sensory experience and as an active social activity. I have co-founded the Side Cinema group (2001-2005) the Star and Shadow Cinema (2006-Present). At these venues I’ve been involved in the technical side of showing films both building spaces and projecting films / videos and I’ve programmed films and events. I am also co-founder of Film Bee a collective which runs a film lab, collects film equipment and makes films together.’

Mat’s aim throughout the residency was to work with Metal to respond to several bin-bags full of 35mm cinema adverts he retrieved from a local North East cinema. He intended to extract individual parts of the frames, and reinsert them into film leader, selecting them for their qualities of colour and texture rather than their imagery or context with adjacent frames.


Image: Strip from Peacock Lee (2010) by Mat Fleming courtesy of the artist