Boxkite is a new film and media company, founded by Ian Cottage, that aims to achieve strong storytelling with great performances. Since its formation in 2013 it has produced four films including Spin for Channel 4/NFM and its first feature Bosc. To find out more about Boxkite, please click here.

Ian Cottage is award winning and critically acclaimed filmmaker. His films include Small Gestures (featuring Derek Jarman), Blue Scars, Mangetout, Keel, The Shoe Tree and Spin. His work has been commissioned by a wide number of organisations including BBC, Channel 4, BFI, Arts Council, UK Film Council, Northern Film & Media and the Estonian Film Foundation. With premieres in Berlin, London, Edinburgh and Monte Carlo, ten of his films are represented by the British Film Council at international film festivals. 


Bosc Synopsis:

Bosc is a psychological thriller concerning a young woman who tracks down a man she believes has killed her father. With echoes of Peter Strickland's Katalin Varga and the Dardenne brother’s The Son the film is about secrecy and deceit, lies and buried pasts.  Shot in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Spain, Bosc is a collaboration between director Ian Cottage and actors Alex Elliott and Lauren Hurwood. Using a unique 5 month development process Bosc was shot in 15 days.