Michael Smith has written several novels (Giro Playboy, for Faber&Faber) made various TV shows (Culture Show, BBC4 Docs), directed a few shorts (Lost in London, for the 2012 Olympics), and recorded an album (with Andrew Weatherall). He also runs a wine shop and is currently putting together a tumblr site where all his work lives.

Stranger On The Shore

Stranger on The Shore synopsis:

It’s different by the sea. A bit strange even. Just as the coast lies at the ends of England geographically, it’s also at the edges of our society and the margins of our culture - a threshold place where little England meets the wide mysterious world beyond, which has always made it a site of myth, eccentricity, transgression and romance.

Stranger on The Shore is a cycle of short films by Michael Smith & Maxy Neil Bianco.