Third Films is a film, photographic and moving-image production company co-founded by writer-director Duane Hopkins and producer Samm Haillay.

Third Films develop and produce bold director-led films created from vision that transcends simple genre types. The overriding concern is to entertain audiences with the flair and rigour of our directors’ stylistic approaches to narrative cinema, and to involve them passionately with the human core of our stories. The company also aims to cross-pollinate the cinema and arts audience by working with directors who are driven to work within and across different artistic media, such as photography and gallery installations. Third is committed to breaking new ground in the UK film industry by developing the boldest new creative talent and the most challenging director-led projects in tandem, and by constantly searching for new, creative ways of producing and distributing image-based products.

Third Films are developing Light Years through CREATEiNNOVATE.


Light Years Synopsis:

Rose longs to see mum. But nobody will take her. Ever.

Dad disappears to work. Sister waits for a boy on a damp golf course while their brother communes with spirits online.
But Rose reckons a family’s like a constellation - connected up there in the infinite. Stars feel each other, even if they’ve died millions of years ago, even if they’re light years apart. Taking destiny into her hands, Rose slips out at dawn into England’s forgotten edgelands. Her departure provokes a family to change, to search for Rose and each other, until discovering the truth of their own awesome inheritance.
Light Years is a startling story of loss, hope and the deepest of human connections.

Pictured: Samm Haillay (left), Ian Orwin (right)