David Varela


David is a cross-media producer and writer. In 2009, David created a project called Xi. one of the largest Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) ever made. For most of 2010 he was writing and producing Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life at nDreams. 2012 saw the huge success of Zombies, Run!, the theatrical extravaganza that was The Seed, and 100 Hours of Solitude in Ted Hughes’ old house. In 2013 worked on Samurai Siege, the Live Writing Series and 2014 saw the release of Sherlock: The Network, which led to numerous award nominations. In 2015 David began work on The Trace - a puzzle-based adventure game with a forensic angle, produced by the BAFTA-winning Relentless Software. 

Tom Armitage


Tom is an experienced web developer across the full stack, from browser (front-end) to server (back-end). He is an interaction and user experience designer, both in terms of designing things to be used, as well as building sensible interaction design into the software he builds. He has particular expertise in game design and “physical computing” projects, straddling the real world and the digital – what’s sometimes called the “Internet of Things”. Tom works best in exploration, iteration and prototyping; straddling design and technology. Recent projects include Robato and Swarmize.