Previous Editions

NFM Film Club, 2014-15

We were delighted to welcome a range of artists and practioners to the region to screen short form works and discuss them with the audience, facilitated by a curator or collaborator. 

Emily Richardson discussed her approach to immersive audio within her work with sound artist and recordist Chris Watson; we talked food, politics and Palestine with Larissa Sansour; we examined cryopreservation with Naheed Raza and explored live music and artists’ moving image performances with Video Jam and Mary Stark; and we talked all things green screen with Rachael Maclean.


A Video Jam attendee commented: "I think this series has been useful and relevant to my own practice, within that it is interesting to respond and have your own point of view on the work - which you often need to think about and reflect on, not always agree with, but always get something out of it. It also introduces you to artists and their work in an a-typical setting…Great idea Northern Film and Media"

An attendee to Naheed Raza's screening said: "It was interesting to hear the artist's interview, which gave insight into some of the thinking behind the films, and the threads connecting the works. It was also a good opportunity to see works which I would otherwise not have a chance to see".

Rachel Mclean

Image: Rachel Mclean's still from The Lion and the Unicorn courtesy of the artist.

We were joined by award-winning artist-filmmaker Rachel Maclean for a screening and Q&A event.  Chaired by Ben Harman, Director of Stills, Scotland’s Centre for Photography in Edinburgh, the event was illustrated with screenings from Maclean’s works. These informed a discussion of the concepts and approaches behind her recent work, and how this expands upon issues within her wider moving image practice. 

Margaret Salmon

Image: Still from Pyramid, Margaret Salmon, 2014 courtey of the artist.

We invited audience to join award-winning filmmaker Margaret Salmon for a screening of her work, followed by a discussion with Benjamin Cook, Director of LUX about her recent films. This was a rare opportunity to revisit her early American typographies series and see developments in two newer works filmed around her home in Kent.

Emily Richardson

Image: Still from 3 Church Walk, Emily Richardson, 2014 courtesy of the artist

Award-winning filmmaker Emily Richardson held a screening of her work for FILM CLUB as part of Northern Film and Media's arts programme, followed by a discussion with sound recordist Chris Watson. This was an opportunity to see a selection of Emily’s films and hear her talk about her work with a sound artist that she has worked with on films Over the Horizon and Cobra Mist.

Larissa Sansour

Image: Promotion Image from Nation Estate, Larissa Sansour, 2012

Filmmaker Larissa Sansour was invited for a screening of her work followed by a discussion with Peter Taylor, Director of the Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, about the concepts and approaches behind her work and the cross over between art and film.

Video Jam & Mary Stark

Sarah Hill, Director and Film Curator, Video Jam, presented an insight into her work with artists exploring film and live music events. These included filmmaker Mary Stark who attended, introducing and presenting elements of her 16mm performance practice. The presentations were followed by a discussion with David Butler (University of Manchester) exploring Video Jam and Mary's work.

Naheed Raza

Image: Naheed Raza, Still from Frozen in Time (2013, HD, colour, sound, 49mins) courtesy of the artist

Northern Film & Media's FILM CLUB were joined by filmmaker and sculptor Naheed Raza for a screening of her moving image work, followed by a discussion with Francis McKee, Director of CCA, Glasgow, addressing the concepts and approaches involved in her practice.


Kathryn Elkin

Image:  Elkin, still from Mutatis Mutandis (2014, HD, stereo, 13mins)

NFM were joined by filmmaker and Kathryn Elkin for a screening of her moving image work, followed by a discussion with Louise Shelley, Curator at The Showroom, London, addressing the concepts and approaches involved in her practice.

One-to-One Advice Sessions

In addition, there were also opportunities for artists’ one-to-one advice and discussion sessions with leading figures such as Ben Cook, Director of LUX, and artist-filmmaker Ben Russell (winner of our international open call commission in partnership with Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, which won a Tiger Award at RIFF 2015).

An Artist-Filmmaker participant described the one-to-one sessions as: "a fantastic opportunity for us to talk to someone so relevant to our own practice as artist filmmakers. The discussion we had over the course of one hour has been very important in shaping the outcome of our latest project".