A producer by trade, Aman has worked across the production department on projects ranging from feature films to high-end TV dramas. In addition, he has independently produced films and commercials with clients such as The National Trust. Before setting up his production company,Northern Bear Films, he worked as Assistant Producer under BAFTA Breakthrough awarded Producer Ed Barratt; in his production company Hook Pictures, developing Feature Film projects. More recently he produced a BFI short film for Creative England titled National Phobia Association’s Annual Day Out, starring Lucy Porter and Directed by Mark Drake (Great British Bake Off, The Allotment). 

Aman is currently producing his first feature film Juliet which has already garnered good interest from industry professionals and established executive producers. Apart from his production background Aman, also successfully launched Sunderland Shorts Film Festival last year for Sunderland City Council, and collaborated with Washington DC Film Festival for a film exchange programme. The first year of the festival saw 210 film entries from around 28 countries, with winners being screened in America at DC Shorts Festival. As a result of the first year festival success, Sunderland has also received collaboration & support from Washington Commission of Arts and Humanities, in the American Capital.