Born and raised in Hagen, Germany, Christiane earned an M.A in German Literature and Philosophy at the FU, Berlin and on a Fulbright and department fellowship at Cornell, Ithaca, New York. She worked in post-dramatic theatre as a writer-director, wrote for Style and The Family Tunes, and taught Directing Actors at Merz Academy, Stuttgart. She worked for Harun Farocki and Constanze Ruhm among others. When she decided to move into narrative, she went on a department fellowship to Columbia University, New York, to earn an M.F.A in filmmaking. Since then, she has worked for Quentin Tarantino and her short films have travelled the world and are being broadcasted by Shorts International. Currently Christiane is a faculty member at the filmmaking course at Metropolitan University Manchester. She has two feature scripts in development and is about to produce her first international feature film, Clown is Down, in both Germany and Turkey.