In 2012 Joe collaborated in, and ran an effective social media campaign for the short film Run which led to a small viral success and the film receiving recognition from Eran Creevy and Stephen Fry, amongst other well-known industry figures.

Seeing the value of building up a grass roots film making community in Manchester and being a keen participant of Kino Kabaret film challenge events which take place across Europe he joined the Filmonik organising team. Having strong links to the international Kino Movement he became heavily involved in the group’s PR and international relations. From 2012-2014 he was involved in running a number of these film challenge events with over100 participants, nearly 30% of which were delegates from abroad. Throughout this time Joe produced plenty of short films, two of which, Crossed Wires and Honey I'm Home were selected for international festivals (Raindance 2014, Indie cork festival)

Towards the end of 2015 Joe founded Dry Run Film which he represented on his first trade mission at the AFM. Here he began to understand the relationship between development and distribution along a films value chain and has since attended EFM 2016 continuing the process of building up his Market knowledge and industry contacts.