[i’ll be your mirror]: Lynch vs. Lynch

Wednesday 11 February 2015 // Newcastle and Middlesbrough // 9.20am - 4.45pm // £10 early bird, book in advance

Lynch the filmmaker; Lynch the artist; Lynch the musician. This day-long programme of activity – watching, looking and listening – will be an opportunity to make links, discuss connections and immerse yourself in a physical and critical journey through a virtual and actual Lynchian landscape.

[i’ll be your mirror]: Lynch vs. Lynch will be an open-programme event, but the overall structure will involve a journey from Newcastle to Middlesbrough. Starting at Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle, [i’ll be your mirror]: Lynch vs. Lynch will begin with the screening of one Lynch's films, followed by a train journey suffused in Lynch's music, arriving at mima to view their current exhibition David Lynch Naming. The event will conclude with discussion about the various aspects of Lynch's work explored during the day.

When: Wednesday 11 February 2015, 9.20am - 4.45pm

Where: Day starts at Tyneside Cinema and ends at mima