Since 2012 AJ Garrett has curated the Art Cinema series of screenings at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art. These events have featured a diverse programme of films and videos including works by contemporary artist-filmmakers like Rachel Maclean, Charlotte Young and Arturo Cubacub alongside classic works by the likes of Luis Buñuel, Dali and Rene Clair, plus several audio-visual oddities from around the world such as The Chess Show.
For Painting in Perpetual Motion, AJ has selected several artists' shorts to accompany a special screening of Blue Velvet at The Empire - Middlesbrough's Victorian era music hall and palace of varieties. 
AJ is also the founder of the alternative art-axis Peg Powler, responsible for dozens of exhibitions, strange art related events and workshops. In 2014 he worked with long time collaborator Rebecca Little to create meta-art installation / phoney exhibition The State of Art at Liverpool's John Lennon Art & Design Building.
AJ's other activities have included a staging an opera, drawing terrorists, collage, mail-art, several video works, and the Peg Powler Film Festival Featuring Final Flesh.