Cayley, originally from Toronto, moved to Glasgow 2012 to pursue a Masters in Film and TV. Preoccupied with the idea of movement and space and infatuated with her new Caledonia home she has worked on projects that examine the way people occupy their environs.

In 2013, alongside writing her dissertation on “Feminine Space is Contemporary Scottish Cinema”, she was part of "The Transatlantic Cable” a multi-disciplinary group that sought to combine artists and academics who try to reconcile cultural exchange between the UK and the Americas throughout history. The project resulted in two events and a blog that featured essays both critical and personal. For the past year and a half she has been one half of the team behind Document International Human Rights Film Festival, where she’s been working as a programmer and facilitator. 

She is a late consumer and lover of all things Lynch. Intimidated by his inherently cool factor (a la Jim Jarmusch) she has come to realize that he’s the bees knees. After being forced to watch Twin Peaks by her flatmate she has developed a great many opinions on this auteur addled genre experiment.