Originally from Cambridge, Lloyd fled to Newcastle to become an artist and escape a career as a publican. His work examines how we construct a sense of self from cultural artefacts and our surrounding environments. This is done through installation, video and performance works. Recently he has been making video pieces which cut back and forth between two versions of himself to create a conversation or interview.

Although his work is embedded in the practices of the art world it is also able to glance at itself in the mirror thereby critiques established approaches. By placing himself in the role of the ventriloquist as well as a dummy he is able to switch between the deadly serious and the ridiculous. He is aware that academic texts as well as the throwaway culture of everyday life have an important impact on our identities. He believes that Freud’s theories of psychoanalysis are deeply embedded within our culture and aid our understanding of who we are just as much as soap operas and pop music.

Alongside his solo practice Lloyd works on several collaborative projects: Lloyd-Wilson, ScartVideo and Stabbing Les. In January this year, Lloyd-Wilson started a 12 month residency in Leeds with East Street Arts. Apart from making art Lloyd enjoys reading, drinking real ale and listening to loud Japanese drone music and the Fall.