Below are answers to some topics you may want answers to. If you feel you need further information please email us 

I’m still in education – can I be a trainee?

No, not until you have finished your studies and are available.

What if I don’t know which department I want to train in?

Take some time to research the industry and try and identify the roles and department you’re interested in. You will need to be passionate about the department to secure a trainee placement. Check out our crew profiles. If you’re still unsure then consider work experience or shadowing until you have a clear idea.

Do you guarantee placements?

No, both work experience placements and trainee placements will go to the person most suitable for the role and the production.

I’m under 18 can I be a trainee?

No, under 18’s aren’t insured on productions.


What is bootcamp?

NFM Film and TV Bootcamp is funded by Creative Skillset and takes place once a quarter. It is open to anyone looking to work in the industry.

2nd and 3rd year University students can attend.

It is an entry requirement for both work experience placements and trainee placements.

Sessions include:

  • Onset Etiquette
  • Media CV’s
  • How to be a freelancer
  • Top tips from Industry professionals.


Do I have to do bootcamp before becoming a trainee or getting a work experience placement?

If you’ve never worked on the set of a professional production you must attend bootcamp.  The sessions covered at Bootcamp aim to provide the knowledge and guidance line producers have indicated is lacking in newcomers to the industry.


I don’t have a north east base – can I be a trainee?

Currently the support we have is for people based in the north east.

What training allowance is paid?

The amount of training allowance will depend on the production.  Productions qualifying for Creative Skillset support will pay at least £320 per week. Those who don’t qualify for CS support will set their own rates. We will be able to confirm the amount of training allowance when we advertise the opportunity.

How long does a placement last?

Placements will vary in length depending on the needs of the production.

Do you offer post production placements?

How can I qualify for a Creative Skillset training allowance?

Are all trainee positions entry level?

No, we are also looking for people wishing to step up to the next grade and

I don’t have a CV – do you have any advice?

You can download a CV template here. During the NFM Film and TV Bootcamp there will be a session about developing your CV.

Do I need to be able to drive and have access to a car?

Productions can take place anywhere in the region and may not be accessible by public transport. Call times may be unsociable. It will be your responsibility to get yourself there and so yes, we would suggest you should pass your driving test and ensure you have access to a car.