A View From Above: Aerial Filming For Wildlife Films

Technological advances in aerial photography have had an enormous impact on wildlife filmmaking. Aerials give a perspective not normally seen, put animals in their wider context and reveal behaviour that until recently could never be filmed.

Jimmy & the Sounds_Villing Chong

A Guide To Music Copyright

Dealing with copyright is an important part of the production process but can be a confusing area. Copyright Chicken discovers how music copyright works.

Channel 4 Production Training Scheme 16/17 Now Open For Applications

Opportunities will be available at a variety of television productions companies working across Drama, Factual and Comedy content

Interview: Abi Morgan

Interview with the Emmy Award-winning writer Abi Morgan (The Hour, The Iron Lady, Sex Traffic, White Girl, Royal Wedding, Suffragette, River). Abi explains how she got her first commission and what the differences are in writing for theatre, TV and film.

The Jameson Works Film Bursary

Apply for a bursary with The Jameson Works to finish your film story.

Work Experience Opportunities At Channel 4

New work experience opportunities at Channel 4. In June, the broadcaster, be inviting 20 more talented people, who are on a mission to get into TV, to spend a week at Channel 4.

Top 10 Spec Script Story Clichés by ShoreScripts

"Screenwriting suffers from clichés when the characters lack depth or situations lack originality. Embarking on storylines with these problems can lead you into treacherous waters when it comes to engaging your script reader"

Peaky Blinders: Meet Director Colm McCarthy

With cinematic references to old American westerns and gangster films, the visual style and tone of Peaky Blinders has won plaudits from critics and audience alike. The BBC Academy spoke to director Colm McCarthy about his role in setting the tone for this pivotal second series.

Mini-MeetMarket: Meet the Execs

Submissions are now open for Mini-MeetMarket: Meet the Execs at Sheffield Doc/ Fest 2016

Filming On Your Smartphone

Tips for filmmakers on how to get the most out of your smartphone.

How Interactive Storytelling Is Shaping the Future of Cinema

The gap between movies and video games is closing. But what will happen when the viewer has control over the script?

Film Set Etiquette Rules

6 essential film set etiquette rules from a Hollywood veteran

Essential Tips For CV Writing

What's the best way to write your CV? Tips for new entrants from Bectu.

Feel The Fear and Freelance Anyway

Carving a successful freelance career is all about taking control, having a clear vision and managing reputations. Simon Wright offers his tips on how to keep unemployment at bay and make freelancing work for you.

Digital Storytelling: Filmmaking for the Web

Digital Storytelling: Filmmaking for the Web - A free online course.