Blog #4 - Isabelle Sieb (October 2015)

In August I got the chance to shadow the brilliant director Lynsey Miller on the set of the CBBC show Eve, through the RISE summer shadowing scheme. It was the second season of the show and Lynsey was directing block 2, which was shot in and around Glasgow. Read more

Blog #4 (part 1) - Lou Hamilton (September 2015)

We feel the sense of ‘failure’ acutely, it rings a death knoll on our self-esteem, knocks a chip off our confidence. And yet, within it lies a kernel of hope. Read more

Blog #4 - Adina Istrate (October 2015)

I’ve got a bleak, dimly lit and darkly comic storyworld. Who wants to come live in it? Read more

Meeting Paul King and Revisiting Kate Leys - Lizzie Oxby (October 2015)

When someone generously gives you their time and love on a project and describes your films as having beautiful ideas, I’m flattered - but when that someone happens to be a director, whose work I truly admire, I’m more so. Paul King is that visionary director. Read more

Feedback - Cecilia Stenbom (October 2015)

Feedback or constructive criticism is a tricky thing. On one hand it’s a necessary process to push a project forward, but on the other I like to finish things, not to hear that the project I’ve slaved over still has go a long way to go. Read more

1-2-1 sessions - Isabelle Sieb (July 2015)

I recently had my one-to-one session with our directing mentor Josh Appignanesi, in the form of a two hour Skype call. Read more 

Be Curious - Lou Hamilton (July 2015)

Creativity is thinking outside of the box, it’s turning the box upside down or it’s doing away with the box altogether. Read more 

Chaos and Structure - Cecilia Stenbom (July 2015)

I am writing this blog post to escape from the bigger job at hand: writing a first draft. Read more

Blog#3 - Adina Istrate (July 2015)

Developing new work often means looking back at what you have done in the past to separate what you would like to revisit and explore further. Read more

1-2-1's - Jane McGee (July 2015)

1-2-1 sessions with Andrea Cornwell, Julia Short and Josh Appignanesi. Read more 

Blog #3 - Lizzie Oxby (July 2015)

A 1-2-1 with Josh Appignanesi, getting out of London, and Raindance directing performance masterclass. Read more 

1-2-1's and Residentials - Isabelle Sieb (April 2015)

At the end of March we had both our 1-2-1 meetings with our producing mentor, the brilliant Andrea Cornwell, as well as our production residential in London. Read more 

Blog #2 - Adina Istrate (April 2015)

Our second residential was prefaced by individual project-based meetings with the very insightful Andrea Cornwell. Read more 

Production Residential - Lizzie Oxby (April 2015)

Over the last couple of months, it’s been stimulating to meet both Kate Leys and Andrea Cornwell, who have given me some great advice on how best to proceed with my project. Read more


High-RISE steps to confidence - Lou Hamilton (April 2015)

Walking in Central London this week I spotted a balcony near the top of a high-rise block of flats. Read more

Speed Dating - Cecilia Stenbom (April 2015)

I have never attended a speed-dating event. The very idea has always seemed odd to me: an organised event to forge meaning relationship to other people. Read more

Script and Screen - Isabelle Sieb (March 2015)

The first script residential of the RISE scheme took place in a lovely house in York. Read more

Script and Screen, York Residency - Lizzie Oxby (February 2015)

A fantastic start to 2015. I’m very pleased to be on the Rise scheme, it has come at a perfect time for the development of my film script. Read more

Duvet Development - Jane McGee (February 2015)

We were 6 writer/directors who had never met, huddled under duvets in the living room of a house in York, hanging on the every word of mega-mind script editor, Kate Leys. Read more

Script and Screen - Cecilia Stenbom (February 2015)

I love being at the beginning of a project, it's an enjoyable place to be. Read more

"Cats and Glass Tables" - Adina Istrate (February 2015)

I braced myself for the Story Structure workshop... Read More

Building Rome - Lou Hamilton (February 2015)

One of the hardest things about being in the creative industries is the ability to keep going in the face of obstacles, brick walls, blind alleys and dead ends. Read more