I recently had my one-to-one session with our directing mentor Josh Appignanesi, in the form of a two hour Skype call. I had just wrapped filming on my short film for Creative England's FUNNY GIRLS female director scheme at the time, and we went straight into discussing my progress on "Mannequins". I had sent him the latest treatment, which I had been working on over the past few weeks and was quite happy with in terms of story development. Thankfully he had a lot of constructive notes and made some very good points about my main character and the world the story is set in. He felt that at the moment my main character has a great character journey in Act 3 but it takes her too long to get there. She should start that journey from the very beginning of the story. He pointed the same thing out for the world of the story, it too has a much greater potential to take the audience on a journey and evolve in the main characters' eyes throughout the plot. I ended up with about five pages of notes from Josh that gave me a lot to think about and to work with for the next draft of my treatment. I will be focussing on making my lead character more active from Act 1 and laying out the rules of the world we find ourselves in, what impact it has on the lead character and how they both evolve together throughout the plot.