In March, I had a 1-2-1 session with Producer, Andrea Cornwell, we talked about financing options, how to position the film in terms of audience, and the overall story. The most exciting part of the meeting for me was when Andrea said she had a clear idea of how my feature would feel after watching my short film, A CAKE FOR MABEL. I was relieved, as I’m starting to understand just how important it is for a director to be able to prove their distinctive directorial voice. Andrea also provoked a train of thought that has lead me to rewrite the 3rd act. Overall the meeting was informal, friendly, and really useful!

The 1-2-1 are brilliant but there’s nothing like getting the gang back together! Our next group outing was the 2-day Production Workshop. It was held at the October Gallery in Bloomsbury, a fantastic space that really leant itself to a formal yet characterful workshop. Andrea took us through case studies of different features made by first time directors, beginning with the director’s early work and focusing on how they cultivated, and were thus able to prove, their distinctive voices. Andrea analysed how these films were financed, how they found their audiences, and how they measured their successes.

On day 2, marketing and distribution guru, Julia Short, gave us an overview of the state of the UK industry today (not for the faint of heart). She then took us through case studies of various films and their marketing and distribution strategies. This felt like gold dust. I also realised I definitely needed to change the title of my film. We then had a fantastic speed-pitching session to a room full of producers who were looking for projects. This was, of course, pretty terrifying. But it also turned out to be a great confidence builder and really valuable practice.

I recently had a 1-2-1 with Director, Josh Appignanesi. We were asked to prepare several documents beforehand: a treatment, a director's statement, a marketing and distribution plan, and shadowing plan for the summer. Josh and I talked a lot about story, analysing my treatment, and discussing ways to up the stakes throughout the film. I had a bit of a breakthrough when Josh put his finger on the type of film I’m developing. I had been thinking of it as a twisted buddy comedy, when it’s actually a coming of age film, albeit for an older character. This made something click (a feeling I'm starting to recognise on this scheme) and has really helped moving forward.

Onwards and upwards!