A 1-2-1 with Josh Appignanesi.

Josh's energy is infectious. He talks fast. He thinks fast. And when Josh gave me a big tip on my 1-2-1, that all the principle characters in my film should know one another really well, I ran with it. By embracing my antagonist into the family fold, the whole dynamic will make the story even more personal - and moving.

On reflection, what I took away from Josh's session, was the important of keeping tones of my previous work. Those nuggets that make your work distinctively yours. For me it’s about bringing out the magical, warm moments in darker subjects. Given the subject matter, my film could easily fall into the relentlessly downbeat – which is not my thing.

I personally find it hard to watch those types of films, and favour the more touching approach, which integrate the beautiful with the dark in imaginative ways. So the search will be on to find collaborating producers, whose taste aligns with the project - and Julia Short, our distribution and marketing mentor is one of those guiding lights that will be giving some helpful pointers, as the project marches forward.


Out of Town

Escaping London is always a treat - and hitting the North for the agents' talks and 1-2-1’s was even more so. For me, it was a double pleasure. I was very interested to hear how agents, working closer to home compare with the U.S. - and to also meet Tina Gharavi. A passionate filmmaker, who has already gone through the features process - and had a lot of generous advice to share.


Raindance 'Directing Performance' Masterclass

The insights continued rolling with an incredible weekend masterclass, ‘Directing Performance' with Raindance. I love working with actors, and although I've directed actors before, I've had no formal training - so I took away heaps of learning in two compressed days: I left with numerous, advanced tips on how to get better, nuanced performances, and delivery of lines for the screen. It also informed the writing process too. The entire weekend continued to fuel my passion for working with actors. It got me so fired up, I just want to crack on with directing. Being on set is the biggest prize of the entire filmmaking process - the part I love the best.