In August I got the chance to shadow the brilliant director Lynsey Miller on the set of the CBBC show Eve, through the RISE summer shadowing scheme. It was the second season of the show and Lynsey was directing block 2, which was shot in and around Glasgow.

For the days that I went to set to shadow Lynsey, the production was studio-based, which gave me the opportunity to hop in and out of the different sets and on one day shadow the block 1 director, Adrian McDowell. It was incredibly useful being able to watch both of these brilliant directors and very interesting to observe the differences in their approaches.

I chose to shadow Lynsey because I have known her for a year and I knew that she would actually take the time to sit down with me and talk me through what she's been doing, which is always far more useful than just standing in the corner quietly and watching everything happen, and also because she is only a couple of years older than me and has done incredibly well so I felt that I would be able to really relate to her work and her approaches while still learning from her, which was definitely the case.

On top of that, I really wanted to do my shadowing scheme on a TV set, because I had been on plenty of film sets but had never experienced the tight schedules and working hours of a TV production before. Since I have my eyes set on TV directing as well, the shadowing scheme was an invaluable experience and more than anything removed my fears and doubts and gave me the confidence to say that I can do it too.

After my shadowing scheme ended, I got another opportunity through RISE to meet with the brilliant Kate Leys for script feedback on my project Mannequins. Kate's notes were on point and incredibly helpful as always and it was good to hear that she agrees with me on my wish and my gut feeling, which is that I really want to collaborate with a writer on the project. I am much more of a director than a writer/director and I love and feel comfortable in the collaboration with writers and hence will benefit greatly from it for this project and others.