The first script residential of the RISE scheme took place in a lovely house in York, where all 6 filmmakers stayed (and I mean literally - we did not leave the house in those 2 days). This was a brilliant way to get to know the other participants and their projects in a relaxed, “homely” atmosphere. During the sessions we shared duvets and hot water bottles (a necessity in the winterly York) and by the time Adina and I shared a train ride back to London it felt like we’d known each other for years. 

The sessions were intense and incredibly useful. Kate Leys asked each of us to tell the full story of our projects from the top of our heads to help us recognise where the flaws in our structure lie. We all struggled a little at times telling our stories so “spontaneously” but the feedback we got through this exercise in such a safe and friendly environment proved to be invaluable. 

On the second day, a full day directing workshop with Josh Appignanesi, we were put in a similar situation when he dissected our previous short films shot by shot with focus on visual language. Again, it was a confrontational but incredibly helpful exercise that made us re-think our directing approaches. 

I now about 20 pages of notes to help me continue my work on my feature project and I look forward to the next residential at the end of March.