Rachel Tunnard and Michael Berliner: Director and Producer Workshop (Past Event)

16th December 2015, 12:00 - 18:00

Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Director and Producer Workshop, with Rachel Tunnard and Michael Berliner (RISE filmmakers only)

Focusing on their forthcoming debut feature film, HOW TO LIVE YOURS, director Rachel Tunnard and producer Michael Berliner will take an in-depth look at the nature of their creative partnership, offering insights into how to make this key relationship work.

Producers, Production, and How to Connect the Dots (Past Event)

3rd - 4th November 2015 09:45 - 17:30

Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre, London

Production workshop with Mia Bays and others (RISE filmmakers only)

Led by Oscar winning and twice BAFTA nominated creative producer Mia Bays, this two day workshop will look in detail at the nuts and bolts of the production process. Drawing on input from a range of expert practitioners, this workshop will look at a range of issues which writer-directors need to understand when working with producers, such as what producers can reasonably be expected to do, how much of the work of a producer a good writer-director should be able to do themselves, and how to identify a good producer.

Agents: An Insider's Guide (Past Event)

8 Jul, 2015 11:10 - 13:00

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead

Agents: An Insider's Guide  - PUBLIC WORKSHOP

For early-career filmmakers getting an agent can seem like an impossible task.  Securing representation is rarely easy, and it can be a notoriously closed world.  If you don't know how agents work or what they're looking for how can go about getting one? How can you even decide whether you really need an agent at all?

Production Residential with Julia Short (Past Event)

25th March 2015 09:00 - 17:00

The October Gallery, London

Marketing and Distribution Masterclass with Julia Short (RISE filmmakers only)

With detailed knowledge and expertise within feature film Marketing and Distribution and working for organisations such as Polygram, Rank Film Distributors, Redbus (now Lionsgate) and Film Four Distribution Julia will guide RISE filmmakers through the life cycle of a feture. The workshop will cover the complete film value chain from from film financing and packaging to audiences and distribution. Throughout the couse of the day Julia will talk through the process of pitching, the UK film market and How a distributor/sales company thinks in a series of informative and practical sessions. 

Production Residential with Andrea Cornwell (Past event)

24 March 2015 09:00 - 17:00

The October Gallery, London

Getting Finance with Andrea Cornwell followed by producer 1-2-1's

A series of case studies and an introduction to Marketing and Distribution from Andrea Cornwell. Followed by Producer 1-2-1's, giving the RISE filmmakers an opportunity to meet with a variety of producers with a view to assisting to find a suitable collaborator for their feature.

Script and Screen Residential with Josh Appignanesi (Past Event)

8 Feb 2015 09:00 - 17:00

Clifton House, York

Directing/Visual Ambition workshop with Josh Appignanesi  (RISE filmmakers only) 

What makes a filmmaker distinctive? And what does it mean to tell a story cinematically? This day long workshop with director and writer Josh Appignanesi (The InfidelSong of Songs) aims to help emerging and early-career film directors answer these overarching questions by addressing in richly practical detail the fundamental question of visual storytelling: how and why do you choose which shots to tell your story with?

Script and Screen Residential with Kate Leys (Past Event)

4 Feb 2015 09:00 - 17:00

Clifton House, York

Story Structure Workshop with Kate Leys (RISE filmmakers only)

A workshop by acclaimed script editor and RISE mentor Kate Leys. Providing filmmakers with the development tools they need to structure and enhance their scripts. The session will cover character development, conflict, story structure all in a holistic and accessible environment.