Directing/Visual Ambition, with Josh Appignanesi (RISE filmmakers only) 

What makes a filmmaker distinctive? And what does it mean to tell a story cinematically? This day long workshop with director and writer Josh Appignanesi (The InfidelSong of Songs) aims to help emerging and early-career film directors answer these overarching questions by addressing in richly practical detail the fundamental question of visual storytelling: how and why do you choose which shots to tell your story with?

Generously interspersed with clips and practical storyboarding exercises, this workshop will help you develop your directorial identity and achieve your directorial vision by giving you an expert-led grounding in:

  • The technical aspects of shot selection needed to tell a story your way: composition, framing, blocking and positioning of actors, background, palette, costume, lenses, light, and camera movement
  • How to create suspense and involvement in the edit by arranging your various shots in relation to each other
  • How to use repetition and inversion of shots to create a coherent system of images that build into a moving and memorable visual story
  • How to refer to and exploit the audience’s assumptions about genre
  • How to apply these ideas practically in your prep and on set, so that you get the shots you want as well as the coverage you need

 This is a private event open to selected RISE filmmakers only.