New initiative Raising Films launches crowdfunding campaign in a bid to hire a project manager.  Raising Films, a UK-based initiative that aims to provide advice to parents attempting to juggle family with a career in the film business, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to further its cause.

Being a parent is like being in production 24 hours a day, with no turnaround and more laundry.

Hope Dickson Leach, Co-Founder, Raising Films

These objectives include building an online supportive community of parents in the film industry and launching its first campaign, which will investigate the issue of childcare, as well as setting up training events at festivals around the world to help filmmakers understand how they can develop their career while raising a family.

We believe conversations make change happen, and we want things to change. We are losing too much talent to the choice many filmmakers are forced to make, between being a parent and making films. We don’t believe this choice is necessary, but rather a product of social and economic conditions, and we want to start a conversation about how change can be made for filmmakers who want to have a family and continue their careers.

Raising Films aims to address one of the issues that prevents many female filmmakers from pursuing their careers, to enable filmmakers with families to keep working and feel supported during demanding times in their personal lives, and to challenge at a structural level the demands the film industry.

The collective of women behind Raising Films includes Hope Dickson Leach, currently producing her first feature The Levelling through iFeatures; London-based screenwriter Line Langebek; producer Nicky Bentham (The Silent Storm); indie film producer Jessica Levick; author Sophie Mayer; and former UK Film Council senior development executive Natalie Wreyford.

For more information about Raising Films, see their website.  To support the crowdfunding initative, see their campaign page.