Underwire Festival have teamed up with the Tommy Vine Fund to offer writers the opportunity to win £700 towards making a short film of their script.

The Tommy Vine Fund (TVF) is a charity that was set up in March 2013 to provide support to young creatives, and encourage those for whom the arts are less accessible to share their voices and follow their dreams.

The competition:

  • The competition theme is 'Reflections'.
  • The script must be between 2 to 5 minutes 
  • The Tommy Vine Fund would specifically like to see something which reflects back on events within the last year, but this is not essential 


  • The script must be written by a women, or a have a women as the leading role or both.

Entry Details:

Email completed 2 to 5 page scripts to contact@thetommyvinefund.com with the subject: Underwire/TVF [YOUR SCRIPT TITLE].  Included in your email should be the brief outline of your budget and how the prize money would be used.   TVF is extremely supportive of low budget filmmakers so are keen to hear about how you might go about getting in-kind, low-cost or free-of-charge assistance in the production of your film.

Deadline:  1st November 2015

For more information, please see the Underwire Festival website