Imagine a film industry where women have the dominant voice. The day’s events look to redress the balance, and we’ll be hearing from women across filmmaking processes, while gaining an insight into craft areas that can make or break a film. Essential insider knowledge for filmmakers and film lovers, this fascinating day of discussion, demonstration and advice will deepen understanding of the collaborative work that goes into making film so enduringly compelling.

Voice It Out: Find Your Editorial Power

From blogs, podcasts, print and social media campaigns, there are many ways to provide an alternative to male-dominated film commentary. Drawing on the inspirational experiences of professional female critics and commentators of print, radio and blogging, this session offers motivation and advice on how to find and contribute your voice to the dialogue of film.

Hosted by Corrina Antrobus of The Bechdel Test Fest. Speakers include: Simran Hans (freelance journalist), Ione Gamble (Editor in Chief, Polyester Zine), Nikki Alexandra (radio host, Hoxton Radio), MaryAnn Johanson, (freelance journalist & founder of

Sculpting Sound: Not just a visual medium

The atmosphere created by careful sound design and specially composed music has the power to captivate an audience and significantly enhance their viewing experience.  The skills and insight that Sound Designers and Composers bring to the process transform assembled footage into a story. With a dynamic demonstration of their work, we will be speaking to Sound Designer Roland Heap and Composer Nainita Desai.

Focus on Cinematographers

We’ll be hearing from the director you rarely hear from: Director of Photography. Finding out what it takes to be a cinematographer; the differences and pitfalls of shooting on film versus digital; whose work inspires them; and which films they secretly think they could have shot better themselves! Leading cinematographers give a precious insight into their magical craft.

From idea to premiere: They Will Have to Kill Us First

Director Johanna Schwartz and Producer Sarah Mosses take us behind the scenes of the making of They Will Have to Kill Us First: a documentary feature film about the banning of music in Mali that has its European Premiere at the 2015 London Film Festival, before nationwide release. From crowd-funding to filming in Timbuktu they will share insider knowledge on how they made it happen.

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