Saeed launches Kickstarter Campaign

For as long as I can remember, fiction film has been my love. My obsession. It was my escape, as a child and teenager, from the chaos around me. I made two fiction films in 1998 and 2000, but since 2004, I’ve been dedicated to directing documentaries and I left fiction for a while. Read more

Saeed Taji Farouky - BALTIC 39 Screening

Saeed's previous work, Tell Spring Not to Come This Year,is being screened as part of BALTIC 39's programme of films by all of The Artist's Cut participants. Read more. 

Jessica - February 2016

I was particularly interested in The Artist’s Cut scheme because of its personal support, mentoring and collaboration with industry professionals. Read more

Saeed - February 2016

Wake up early, try to sleep on the train but there’s work to do. The man beside me taking up too much space, so I cram myself into the corner of my seat as a compromise. Roll into town. Read more