Kate is a feature film script editor who works on projects at all stages of development. Recent completed productions include SLOW WEST by John MacLean, which was a prize-winner at Sundance 2015, and BABYLON by Jesse Armstrong & Sam Bain for C4.

In the last year she has worked on projects for producers including Mary Burke and Robin Gutch at Warp Films, Iain Canning at SeeSaw Films, Robert Jones at Nightjack/Jonescompany, Elizabeth Karlsen at Number 9, Rory Aitken & Ben Pugh at 42, Sam Taylor at F&ME, Gareth Unwin at Bedlam Productions, Film4, Ivana MacKinnon at Stray Bear, Gavin Humphries at Quark Films, Microwave at Film London, iFeatures, the BFI Film Fund, Creative England, & Creative Scotland.  She works with screenwriters and filmmakers including John Maclean, Martina Amati, Tom Harper, Jesse Armstrong & Sam Bain, Alice Lowe, Tom Green, Deborah Haywood, Eran Creevy, Johannes Roberts, Michael Please, Ben Schiffer, Josh Appignanesi and documentary filmmakers Eva Weber and Sam Firth. She works in all genres, on adaptations as well as original screenplays, and on a handful of short films.

She has been head of development at several companies including FilmFour, where she was based for 5 years and where she was part of the small team commissioning and developing some of the UK's most successful feature films including FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL and TRAINSPOTTING. She developed ORPHANS and brought in EAST IS EAST and GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING, working with countless British writers and directors along the way. As head of development at Capitol Films she spotted LEAVING LAS VEGAS and THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU'RE DEAD, and worked with talent including Roman Polanski and William Boyd.  She has also been a film agent; a TV presenter & producer; director of the Edinburgh Television Festival; Associate Director of Cinema at the ICA; a location caterer, a film festival programmer, a screenwriting lecturer, a film distributor and a cinema usherette.